My Fireside Workout

I am on exercise restriction because of a bum hip (no running *sniff*). I have also been taking care of my nephew and dog and both demand vigilant attention. Being a lover of all things movement, I am getting antsy stuck inside reading a book by the fire. Sounds lovely but is truly painful when all you want to do is run. So I threw together some exercises and called it my “Fireside Workout”. It’s like hot yoga for hermits and great for new moms and dogsitters too!

Fireside Workout

(Exercises are hyperlinked for demonstration)

Warm-up 5 min: walking in place, walking forward and backwards, lifting heels alternately, mini squat side-to-side, plie squat with side bend, jumping jacks (if ambitious). Really anything that gets your muscles warm and blood flowing.

  1. Zipper Squat
  2. Thirsty Bird
  3. Wide Grip Pushup
  4. Reverse Fly
  5. Bird Dog
  6. Thread the Needle/ Side Plank
  7. Clamshells
  8. Heel Beats
  9. Lateral Scissors
  10. Hundred

Perform all exercises in the circuit 10-20 times each with little or no rest between. Be sure to go until your muscles are fatigued. Hate counting reps? Set a timer for 45-60 seconds. Complete 1-4 sets, depending on how much time or energy you have. Want to ramp up the intensity? Add a theraband, exercise ball or weights. This workout can even be done in front of the TV!