Apres Activity Beer

Apres BeerAfter a long (or short) day on the slopes, in the mountains or on the field I love a good beer. Especially the local ones brewed close to home. I believe that everything should be enjoyed in moderation and that beer does more than replenish the soul. Now I have proof, if not totally scientific, that beer also hydrates the body.

According to a study presented at the Brussels’ VI Symposium on Beer and Health, beer is just as effective as water at hydrating the body after exercise. Surprised? If you think about it the ingredients in beer are (generally) all-natural and contain carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. What’s more, beer could be good for cardiovascular and bone health!

Of course most of the studies were likely funded by beer companies which is up there with the Dairy Board funding the Healthy Eating Guide (seriously, TWO glasses of milk daily?). But hey, if it means I can enthusiastically down a cold one after exercises, I say cheers to you beer scientist!