Baby Bootcamp # 3

This week we are focusing on muscular Ladies Exercisingendurance: increase the repetition time to 60 seconds with no rest between exercises and perform three sets of each circuit.  Exercises can be done on own or with weight (baby counts!) to ramp up the intensity. Wherever you are at be sure to perform all exercises with proper form for maximum benefits.


Set timer for one minute and do each exercise straight through the circuit. Perform three sets of each circuit, taking one minute between sets. Warm up with 10 minutes walk, jog and active movement. Stretch after.

Circuit 1

  • Hip Bridge
  • Clamshells
  • Reverse Plank
  • Knee Tricep Pushups
  • Get-ups
  • Deep Squat
  • Jumping Jacks

Walk, run, stairs or skip for 10 minutes in between

Circuit 2

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Reverse Table
  • Side to Side Crunches