Happy (Belated) Birthday Canada!

Canadians across the country recently celebrated their wonderful country. And what better way to acknowledge this vast expanse of wilderness, culture and diversity than heading out to do what I love most: hiking!

I live on Vancouver Island and am proud to call the West Coast my home for several reasons, one of which is the seemingly endless possibilities for outdoor pursuits. Within 15 minutes of the city you can get lost in a forest of arbutus trees while hawks circle overhead and eagles soar in the distance. This past weekend I found myself trekking un-chartered territory in search of a lake. Up and down and back up we climbed for a glimpse of liquid relief. Although I wasn’t able to bask in the glorious coolness that the lake no doubt had to offer (there was nowhere to jump in), the sight of rays sparkling off the glass-like surface made the double accent worth every minute (or hour). It’s times like this that make me realize just how lucky I am and how awesome life is.

Happy trails!


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