Ditch the Gym Membership!

“Where do you work out?” is a common question I’m asked when meeting someone new. “Anywhere I want” is my favorite response. And it’s true – at home, in a park, on a playground, at work, the world is my gym! I’ve come to the bold conclusion that I don’t like traditional workout facilities. I don’t blame people for choosing to work out in a gym and I would be lying if I said I never ventured into (or worked in) these establishments. Where Yoga in Cafayeteelse can I justify reading trashy magazines and mentally correcting a fellow gym-goer’s poor form? Inexperience aside, I can’t help but cringe when people are treadmill walking on a sunny day or sitting on the exercise machines wondering why they aren’t getting any slimmer. Going to the gym does not equal exercise. You actually have to do something once you’re there!

My mission is to help people who want to be active find ways to do so in their home or, better yet, the great outdoors. The excuses for not exercising are as plentiful as they are pathetic. No time? Choose an active commute. No gym membership? Go to the park. No equipment? Use your body weight. No energy? Well now you’re just being lazy! Even sneaking in 30 minutes a day can contribute to a healthy heart, mind and body. And I practice what I preach so this morning I ran around the chip trail (25 min) and completed one set of exercises to fatigue (push-ups,squats, dips, lunges, plank, v-sits).

Want more exercise ideas? Check out these links and GET IT DONE!


Side note: I am NOT against workout facilities and DO support people who are active in any way. I also recognize that for some people working out in their home or outside is not an option and that the gym provides a clean, safe, protected area to exercise. I DO support free, accessible recreation and am an advocate for physical activity anywhere, anytime.


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